Newsphere helps you show, not tell

Design and publish your news timelines with ease. Give your readers context without sacrificing clarity - all while driving engagement.

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Driven by AI

Sentiment Analysis

A proprietary ML model was developed to offer deep analysis of news articles.

Narrative Construction

Greatly expedites the process of understanding and developing broader narratives and perspectives.

News Aggregation

Articles from a multitude of popular and legitimate news sources are aggregated in one place with an intuitive UI.

Network Analysis

Graph theory is utilized to offer further insights between people and events.

The Process

Source your timelines with our extensive library of dynamic narratives, or import your own content.


Explore the complex relationships between people, places, organizations, and nations. Each relationship is a timeline of events which you can explore and save to your library. You can also save individual articles to your library.


Design your timeline by choosing which articles to include or exclude. Import additional articles or write annotations as necessary.


All timelines can be exported as PNGs or CSVs. Furthermore, any Newsphere timeline can be directly embedded into pages (such as news articles or blog posts) via an HTML iFrame.