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Product features

Sentiment Analysis

A proprietary ML model was developed to offer insight into the relationships between individuals and events.

Narrative Construction

Greatly expedites the process of understanding and developing broader narratives and perspectives.

News Aggregation

Articles from a multitude of popular and legitimate news sources are aggregated in one place with an intuitive UI.

Network Analysis

Graph theory is utilized to offer further insights between people and events.

Welcome to the Newsphere

A revolutionary service which graphically interprets the state of the world. Keep reading to learn how we do it.


Every day, we pull thousands of news articles from the most trusted sources in journalism, such as the AP and Reuters. We compile breaking, recent, and historical news, giving us insights into current events beyond the 24-hour news cycle.


Employing proprietary deep learning models coupled with advanced natural language processing, we identify relationships between entities (such as individuals, businesses, and governments) in the news. By analyzing thousands of articles we develop an intricate web of relationships which provides context for news stories.


To enable users to comprehend this web of relationships, we developed a novel process for visually depicting not only the current state of affairs, but a continuous chronology of events. This allows users to quickly form an intuitive, high-level understanding of incredibly complex news stories and narratives. All stories are appropriately cited, with a link provided to the full article.