What is the Newsphere?
The Newsphere is a provider of interactive news timelines. We want to give our users the full picture of narratives, and we do that through the use of our custom timelines. Each one contains all of the news articles you'll need to see how a news story develops over time.

How do I use it?
Simply select two topics you're interested in, and hit "submit". The Newsphere will automatically generate an interactive timeline for you depicting the development of the relationship between those two topics.

What news sources do you use? Currently we utilize the Associated Press as our primary news provider. This is to maintain neutrality in tone and substance as we are currently still in the early stages of development. Over time, however, we are seeking to incorporate more news sources, so stay tuned!

How do I contact you? If you send me an email at hypercones@gmail.com then I'll try my best to get back to you when I can!

I want to donate!
Awesome, you can donate to help support our project here.