The Brixton Pound (B£) is the UK’s first local e-currency. The Brixton Pound can only be used in Brixton shops, businesses and independant traders, and works alongside pound sterling. You can even pay via text messaging and use your Brixton Pounds, the way of the future according to B£ users.

The B£ is the fourth local currency,after the Totnes Pound in Devon, Lewes Pound in Sussex and Stroud Pound in Gloucestershire, but the first in an urban area.

It’s a NON-DEBT based currency! Started by a group of volunteers from Transition Town Brixton (TTB), a community-led organisation for action on energy issues and climate change. Supported by Lambeth Council and philanthropic trusts.

The Brixton Pound  uses the Monea ICT platform, which is a partnership between nef (the new economics foundation), the Transition Network and QOIN, a Dutch complementary currency foundation. Community currencies using Monea will also be piloted in two other areas in the UK and in three areas in Holland over the next 12 months.

Here’s the Debate Your Plate vid:

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