Solar laptop charger backpack

Solar laptop charger backpack

The Array Solar Backpack is a tough solar backpack built for the modern backpacker. Travel with your laptop and charge it with the solar powered backpack anywhere.  Advanced solar cells and a portable solar battery charger that’s powerful enough to energize all your gadgets. The front solar pocket of is also removable and can be attached to other bags for convenient charging.

1 hour in direct sun provides up to 30 minutes of run time on a laptop. 1.5 hours of direct sun powers a complete cell phone charge.

The Array Solar Laptop Charger Backpack – Solar Bag comes with the Array Solar Laptop Charger Backpack with (3) 3.4 Watt 6V solar panels, 1 – Universal 16,000 mAh / 60 Watt Hour Laptop Battery, 9 standard laptop adapters, a USB Port and 5 standard cell phone and universal adapters for other electronic device tips for the most popular devices.

Array Solar Laptop Charger Backpack – Solar Bag.

Here’s a vid:

Voltaic Array Solar Laptop Charger – Youtube